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According to the FBI’ report, over 25,000 vehicles were reported stolen in 2019. Most of the people don’t think about car theft prevention until it’s too late. But the fact is, learning how to prevent a car theft is all you need. Track Your Car with a GPS Device .

Install a GPS device to track your car in case it get stolen. If you respond quickly, there’s high chance of catching the thief instantly.
These devices are generally easy to install yourself – just plug the tracker into the vehicle and follow the instructions regarding installing the GPS Tracker app. However, you’ll usually have to pay for a data plan or monthly subscription to support the GPS features.

A GPS tracking device in a vehicle can help individuals as well as companies, because the devices are very small and you can easily hide them, so that nobody will not be able to find and disable them before police can search the location of the stolen vehicles and the thieves. so many companies found that robberies of its vehicles decreased 50% because of the use of GPS tracking units. .

If your car is stolen, chances are high you will never see it again. By the time you realize it’s been theft and call the police, it may already be in a chop shop being dismantled. A GPS tracking device will help you to save your car – and your money, time, convenience, and peace of mind – by keeping track of your car at all times and helping you recover it as quickly as possible if it is stolen.

Non-availability of parking spaces in residential areas, indifference of owners, reluctance to spend on safety devices were cited as reasons behind the rise in number of vehicle thefts in the city. Sadly, this is not something we can change, but the thing which is in our hand is the work towards a viable security system of our vehicles so as to ensure that the required security measurements are taken so that stolen vehicle can be traced, monitored and retrieved for the benefit of the owner and society in general.

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