Product Overview

4G SIM BASED BULLET CAMERAS  Working Based on existing GSM/GPRS network , this product can monitor any remote targets by GPRS. Its best selling product.. 

Connecting way: Insert your SIM card into camera, then power on,  connect SIM Card internet. |  No need to connect network LAN cable , No need to setup WIFI ! -The  4G sim camera supports mobile phone app and a remote clients CMS. This  4G IP camera mostly used for those  places, not have internet but have SIM mobile signal, You Just have to put a SIM card into camera and connect internet by your SIM card.                                                                                      

Features of Sim Based Camera

  • Small, Waterproof
  • Camera Resolution : 2 MP, 3 MP, 4 MP , 5 MP
  • Vision Type: Day & Night
  • Get Real Time Position
  • Camera Range: 10 to 15 m, 15 to 20 m, 20 to 25 m, 25 to 30 m


  • Feature 1:
    connectivity through 4G SIM Card
  • Feature 2:
    Built in Speaker and mic
  • Feature 3:
    Vision Type: Day & Night
  • Feature 4:
    Small, Waterproof
  • Specification:
    Voltage: 9-90V, Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz, Weight: 20g, GPS Positioning Accuracy: 100m, Tracking Sensitivity: 1159dBm, Working Temp.: -20°C To +55°C, Warranty: 1 Year, Standby Current: 3mA


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