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Your child safety is more expensive than anything

In today’s era it is becoming very important for the parents to protect and safeguard their child but at the same time they also want them to learn independence and enjoy their freedom but nowadays, finding the perfect balance between these two is quiet difficult.Because nowadays, when both parents work it will become difficult for both of them to keep an eye on their kids, that they are safe or not such thoughts will annoy them all day until they didn’t reach home and see their child.

Same things are also happening if we talk about our elderly parents. How can we forget about them who care for us until we are able to stand on our feet, it’s our responsibility to protect and care for them. In nowadays busy schedule it will become difficult for everyone to always be with there loved ones, it’s not possible.

That’s why we came up with the best solution for all your problems regarding your kids and elderly parents. It will help you to easily manage your work without any tension of your kid

Hype GPS -Child tracking GPS device-is your solution very advanced PERSONAL TRACKER ID CARD specially for kids and elderly parents, you can also track your Luggage, Assets etc

Features of Student ID Card

  • Real Time Tracking

  • 6000MAH Battery
  • Built In Mic
  • Vibration Alarm
  • Working Vtg 5V
  • Overspeed Alarm
  • Size: 80mm*50*32mm


  • Feature 1:
    Real Time Tracking
  • Feature 2:
    SOS Alert
  • Feature 3:
    Compatable with mobile phone
  • Feature 4:
    6000MAH Battery
  • Specification:
    Operating Temperature: -20°C To +70°C, Storage Temperature: -20°C To +70°C, Voltage: DC9 - 80V, GSM Module: 900/1800Mhz Or 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz, GPRS Connectivity: GPRS Multi-Slot Class 10, GPRS Mobile Station Class B, GPS Positioning Accuracy: 10 Meters, 2D RMS, GPS Module: Ubox 7020, Tracking Sensitivity: 159dBm, Acquisition: Hot Start 1s, Warm Start 30s,Cold Start 32s, Warranty: 1 Year


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