Product Overview

Vehicle Tracker EV-02 can help you in many ways like you can easily insert it in your vehicle and track anybodies Real Time Location either  of your child,employees,drivers etc with the help of hype gps app which you can easily find on play store you can see the activities  there.

Features of EV-02

  • Real Time Tracking
  • Ignition On-Off
  • Overspeed Alarm
  • Power Cut-Off Alarm
  • Connect External Relay
  • 9-90V


  • Feature 1:
    Vehicle ON/OFF notification
  • Feature 2:
    Power Cut-Off Alarm
  • Feature 3:
    Real Time Tracking of vehicle
  • Feature 4:
    Overspeed Alert
  • Specification:
    GPRS: Class 12, Dimension: (L) 72 * (W) 30 * (H) 12mm, Weight: 60g, GPS Accuracy: 10m, Backup Battery: 80mAh/3.7V, Working Temp.: -20°C To +55°C, Warranty: 1 Year, Data Transmit: TCP, SMS GSM


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