Best Fleet management services

Are you looking for a smarter, more efficient way to manage your business fleet management, it is not easy to manage. Fleet tracking can be a challenge for basically small business owner they didn’t’ even know much about software’s and devices that fits on their requirements and needs regarding their business.Easy to use, user interface providing accurate date and customization,monitoring of speed, direction.

Some Of The Bestest Features That Differentiate Hype GPS

  • 1. Based On latest GPS Technologies

    With the help of our manufacturing partners, we ensure our customer get best of the devices with best endurance capability.

  • 2. Live tracking

    Our advance GPS portal provide location update accurate with giving multiple other required information.

  • 3. Geofence

    Use it to let your vehicle doesn't cross the designated boundary set by you. If any how Vehicle cross that boundary alarm will be initiated..

  • 4. Vehicle ON/OFF feature

    Using this feature control the start and stop feature of the GPS device,it stops/start the starting of car even though you are staring it with your original key Giving you an extra measure to be secured .

    If we talk about the things which business owner needs, gps tracker can easily help them to achieve those objectives which they wanted to achieve in a very less time. For instance if it’s important to you to call your driver about, deliveries and service calls, usually you ask “Where are you now?” is highly distracting for the driver and it’s also a very inefficient use of the driver’s time that you are disturbing them while Driving.

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