Nayan jagtap


Vehicle theft is very common in delhi, To prevent my car from thief i thought that it will be good for me to insert gps tracker in car, and now through hype gps tracker today am able to control the ignition of my car through the mobile app. hype gps vehicle tracking systems are a good boost to the vehicle security

Mukhtar asif

Madhya pradesh Transport Co.

I bought truck gps device from hype gps for my fleet management business, and it really helps me a lot in monitoring all my truck speed, activities etc and it also helps me a lot in planning and scheduling of goods for the customer satisfaction.

Jagat ansari

BN logistics

You mostly dont get a good fuel and temperature monitoring systems along with live tracking in a single app , with hype gps you do have this option together. they really provide the good quality devices with best service

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