GPS stands for Global positioning system. GPS Tracker works with accordance to global positioning satellite to provide the position data to the server ,thereby tracking your  Routes and all the paths taken. Tracker have a net activated Sim, which  is used to track your Real Time location of your vehicle with other digital sensors, capable of providing the current speed, vibration, sound, live vedio feed etc

  • Real time Tracking
  • Overspeed alert
  • SOS alert
  • Panic button
  • Geo fence
  • Engine ON/OFF 
  • vibration alert

Since GPS work with Net activated SIm, hence for proper functioning of GPS Tracking Device Network coverage is required. In case of network connectivity loss, device will still be functional and can input the position data until the network is restored.

Our Tracker’s technology has been tested worldwide for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and has been approved by a number of international organizations, including the European Telecommunications Standard Institute (ETSI), a standards body that specifies the performance of radio equipment to be used in land mobile services. Tracker units will therefore not interfere with the complex electronics found in modern vehicles, such as the vehicle’s management system, on board computers and mission critical (safety) computers, etc.

Yes ,we provide the tracking device for personal use, be it package tracking ,asset tracking or any other sort of personal tracking.

Our device can also provide safety in danger situation, as devices are equipped with SOS buttons allowing user to send current location to 5 family members. and family member can call the device to know the surroundings voices near the person in danger. Since its one way call ,hence device can only liston , it can't reply back.  

A full time duration of pack purchased by user with all the required features, such as playback report for the respective packs selected. Ignition on-off feature,real time location,overspeed alerts , on demand SMS reports,full EXCEL based reports, etc

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